Wishing Rock Farm

We are a small farm located on Vashon-Maury Island in the Puget Sound. We are licensed as egg handlers by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). We hand-raise our birds and keep them in the most humane conditions that we can manage. (Scroll down to read more)!

If you are curious about options beyond the common chicken egg please contemplate the wonders of the elegant quail egg with us! If you have lost your culinary muse or your kitchen-creation mojo quail eggs will inspire you. If you find joy in miniatures satisfaction awaits you! If you desire more than uniformity and white and brown, quail eggs will delight you. Each hen creates an egg-shell design of a unique speckled pattern. Quail eggs are visually as exhilarating as gazing at a snowflake but much more predictable (every 27 hours) and practical (extremely nutritious). Quail eggs are as easy to prepare as the utilitarian chicken egg. They are a “tiny” bit taster of course. Whether you are a discerning gourmet, a selective sushi chef or a kitchen individualist the culinary cachet of the Wishing Rock Farm organic quail egg will elevate your spirits and your distinctive taste, just for the fun of it.

We feed our quail a high protein local, soy-free, organic diet. We supplement their feed with dried meal worms which are high in Omega-3 fats thus enriching the quality and health benefits of the eggs. We arrange garden greens in their enclosures in a way that makes them a challenge and entertaining to eat. Our birds enjoy constant access to sand and diatomaceous earth dust baths. They drink from a self-contained system that allows them to consume fresh uncontaminated water.

Quail eggs are terrific hard-boiled, fried and pickled. They are wonderful on top of a salad. Quail eggs are great deviled or with an herb-salt dip. They are a nutrient-packed protein source and a fun, healthy snack. I hope that offering new ideas and options for locally grown food helps the planet, even if only by a tiny bit.

Our quail eggs are sold at our farm stand for $5.00 per dozen. We are located near the Maury Marine Park, a wonderful destination for hiking and beach walking. Visit our stand at 24310 59th Ave SW.

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