About Us

We are a small farm located on Vashon-Maury Island in the Puget Sound. We are licensed as egg handlers by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). We hand-raise our birds and keep them in the most humane conditions that we can manage.

We feed our quail a high protein local, soy-free, organic diet. We supplement their feed with dried mealworms which are high in Omega-3 fats thus enriching the quality and health benefits of the eggs. We arrange garden greens in their enclosures in a way that makes them a challenge and entertaining to eat. Our birds enjoy constant access to sand and diatomaceous earth dust baths. They drink from a self-contained system that allows them to consume fresh uncontaminated water.

Quail eggs are terrific hard boiled, fried and pickled. They are wonderful on top of a salad. Quail eggs are great deviled or with an herb-salt dip. They are a nutrient-packed protein source and a fun, healthy snack. I hope that offering new ideas and options for locally grown food helps the planet, even if only by a tiny bit.

Our quail eggs are sold at our farm stand for $5.00 per dozen. We are located near the Maury Marine Park, a wonderful destination for hiking and beach walking. Visit our stand at 24310 59th Ave SW.

We have raised coturnix quail on Vashon since 2004. Except for those reared by backyard bird keepers, quail raised for eggs are generally kept in crowded battery cages built for commercial production. These cages offer very little stimulation or variety to the lives of the birds. Over the years I have tried four different housing structures in an effort to provide quail with optimum comfort while at the same time making it feasible to tend to their care. Our quail are thriving and I now have eggs to offer to the community.

I constructed my original quail house with the idea to raise the birds together on the floor of a large enclosure with an opening to an outdoor pen. My system was to herd (with the help of draping nets) them up their ramp and back into their house at night through a small door.   This was very cute, but time consuming. I had to do this because quail do not roost like chickens and are instead content to spend the night huddled down outside. They would not come inside instinctively at twilight. In our damp climate this exposure was dangerous to their health. This was a long process each night that I felt, ultimately, caused them too much stress. I have also attempted outdoor rabbit cages and factory built metal cages. Neither of these set ups were satisfactory for both the bird keeper and the birds.

After 10 years of raising and observing quail I recently designed and built all new individual enclosures. My new enclosures were informed by watching quail demonstrate their contentment or anxiety with sounds and body posture. Our cages now simulate the outdoors as much as possible. We arrange garden greens in their cages as cover thus making it a challenge for them to eat while also providing them with entertainment.   They have attached rooms where they have free access to sand and diatomaceous earth dust baths. We provide them with a high protein local, soy-free, organic diet (Scratch and Peck).  They are healthiest on a diet high in protein. They love dried mealworms which serve as a treat and additional protein. Mealworms are high in Omega-3 fats which add to the quality and health benefits of the quail eggs. They drink from a self-contained system that allows them to consume fresh uncontaminated water.

Quail eggs can be an excellent option for those with difficulties such as rashes and stomach aches after eating chicken eggs.  I have a family member and several customers that enjoy quail eggs because they do not tolerate chicken eggs. I am happy to be able to provide this alternative egg source.

We incubated and hatched all of our quail from eggs.   They are born about the size of a nickel. The birds are fairly docile and interactive with us, especially when they are very young.   Although I have a very small hobby farm I feel strongly that our planet needs a local and sustainable food supply with humane treatment of animals. This is my small contribution.

Click on any image below for a slide show of our quail:


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